About Us

Huge amount of money is spent by the Governments in India on giving free books, uniforms and other free items to students. In certain states the process has been automated through the use of technology but in most states this is done through a manual process.

The process which starts from the school level get collated at the State level and finally the requirement is made public for vendor to quote their rates. The vendors are selected and they are supposed to deliver the material either at the block level or to the schools.

The schools confirm the receipt of the material after which the payment is made to the vendor. The whole process of time consuming and if the number of students change in between the vendor has to create a variation report.

By understanding the process and to bring an ease in the ordering process we have automated the government incentive scheme to help the government and vendor for a faster process.

How to Use

Any State wishing to avail the service of incentive , sends an email on info@eduluk.com requesting for creation of their account. We will do a system study of the whole process of that State and will install the customized software. The maintenance and upgrade of the software will be done by us on regular basis.


• Automat process of requirement and fulfillment of incentives given to students
• Generate reports on various parameters
• Analytics based on requirement and fulfillment
• Real time data
• Reduce time for requirement generation
• Vendor Registration